Centralized system

Electronic fire damper control system controls fire damper actuators based on signal form centralized/local fire alarm system. This controls a set of damper actuators. The advantage with this design is it is compact, uses only one fire alarm signal and controls multiple damper actuators. This is an added advantage in installations where multiple dampers per AHU room are used. This also avoids complex wiring and controls.

Salient features:

  •  Control set of fire damper actuators (based on different models)
  •  Accepts single external fire alarm/smoke alarm signal
  •  Built in temperature sensor to detect fire and provision to link with local smoke sensor
  •  Open/close status display of individual fire damper actuator
  •  Fire alarm status display
  •  Provides supply (230V/24VAC) to fire damper actuator for on/off depending upon models.
  •  Potential free relay contacts for interlocking with AHU starter.
  •  These relay opens when fire/smoke conditions occurs locally or through external fire alarm.
  •  Potential free relay out put to BMS for damper status and fire alarm
  •  Manual reset in case of tripping due to alarm conditions
  •  Flexibility in selecting damper actuators for control. This feature ensures that individual damper actuator feedback can be selected for control function. This also ensures flexibility in selecting number of damper actuators for control and feedback.
  •  Auto/Manual option


The centralized clock management system provides uniform display of real time through out the facility in which it is installed. This system comprises of a master clock unit and set of field display units called slave clocks. The heart of the system is the master clock which generates the real time sequence and is transmitted to the slave clocks. The clocks in the turn calculates this time and display it in their display. Hence it is only master that generates time and slaves only display the same. The master and slaves are micro controller based system, which has got instructions pre programmed to carry out the functions. In master clock alone the time can be altered and the same cannot be done in slave clocks. This ensures that the time display is uniform throughout.

Salient features:

  •  Uniformity of time display throughout the entire installation
  •  Slave time display in two display sizes for 50mm and 100 mm display height
  •  Since master controls the time slaves can independently be switched on/off
  •  Sleek design of slave clocks to match any interior decor
  •  With one master more then 100 slaves can be hooked and the signal limitation is max.700 meters between master and last slave clock
  •  Daylight saving time (DST) feature for cities wherever applicable
  •  Displays international time with reference to IST time
  •  Highly useful in video conferencing, travel houses, BPOs etc