Manufacturing activities

  •  Automatic electronic control panels for package units, cold rooms, central plants etc
  •  Microprocessor based control system for screw chiller package for low temperature applications
  •  PLC based panels for screw chiller package for low temperature application and Ductless ventilations systems
  •  State of art products for monitoring of environmental condiotions in server rooms,data centers, bio-tech labs etc in IT and Pharma industry
  •  LT electrical panels like PCCs, MCCs, Capacitors panels, AHU starter panels, VFD panels,Annunciation panels and Special Electrical panels for Ductless Ventilation Systems
  •  Water Leak Detection System for Server Rooms, data Centers etc.
  •  State of the art Centralized Time Management systems.

Track record

  •  First to introduce Automatic Electronic panels for package units, central plants, cold rooms, etc
  •  Over 500 installations and currently operational since 1995
  •  First to introduce electronic systems and electrical systems as a single package for air conditioning applications
  •  First to manufacture DDC panels for BMS applications in Bangalore
  •  CPRI Type tested panel manufacturer.
  •  First to introduce critical installations environment monitoring system with auto dialer alert feature.
  •  First to commission Ductless Ventilation system with PLC controls in Bangalore

Custom built products and solutions.
Solutions offered with products manufactured for

  •  Special applications in control of package units, central plants and cold rooms.
  •  Applications in plant tissue culture rooms to control temperature and lighting.
  •  Application involving control of multiple air conditioning units based on temperature.
  •  Control of multiple fire dampers in AHU rooms.
  •  Control of cold rooms based on running hour and temperature.

Solutions offered with Siemens BMS products.

  •  Close loop control of temperature and humidity in printing application, calibration labs.

Contracting activities

  •  Electrical cabling for any application in HVACR with emphasis on quality and timely execution
  •  BMS cabling, installation of field products of any complexity

Track record

  •  Undertaken and completed successfully, BMS works in Wipro-GE, GE-Medical
    Project contractors: M/s Voltas Ltd
  •  Executed turnkey key job of supplying electrical panels, AHU starter panels DDC panels, Electrical and BMS cabling and commissioning for
    M/s Voltas Ltd at Airports Authority of India-Gagan Project Bangalore
  •  Control Cabling, termination and commissioning of centralized control desk for HVAC related motors (chillers, Pumps, AHUS ventilation systems) for
    M/s ITPL-Explorer building Project Contractors: M/s Voltas Ltd.
  •  Design of control desk with electrical annunciation for 150 AHUS control cabling, termination and commissioning at M/s KLE Hospital Belgaum Project contractor: M/s Voltas Ltd.
  •  Design and supply of electrical panel with PLC controls for Ductless ventilation system, cabling and commissioning at UB city Bangalore Project contractor: M/s ETA Engineering