Water leak inside the server rooms, data centers, and electrical sub stations is hazardous to both men and machinery. These leakages occur due to condensate water over flow, chiller water leaks, and plumbing line cracks, cooling, heating pipe leaks, outside seepages etc. We have developed water leak detection systems for timely alert of such leaks so that action can be taken before it damages the system.


Water leak Detection System is basically a spot leak detection system. The system consists of water leak sensors and control panel. The water leak detection sensors will be placed in distributed locations inside server room/Data Centers. These will be mounted on floors with provision to adjust the sensing of thin film of water. Each detector is wired to the control panel. In the control panel the water leak from each detector is monitored and in case of detection from any one sensor or multiple sensors, an alarm is initiated. This alarm will be on as long as the water leak present across the probes of the detector.

The water leak detection sensors detect continuous presence of water across the sensors terminals (legs). However it does not respond to splashing of water on the sensor. It detects liquids like de-mineralized water, brine, sewage etc. The sensors detection (legs) leads are gold plated and hence does not corrode easily in case of exposure to such liquids for long time.

In the control panel, the sensor locations are denoted by zones and are represented by LED's. In case of water leak in any zone, the LED for the zone glows thereby indicating the water leak. Simultaneously an alarm is also initiated. It has also a Test Button in its front panel for testing the connectivity between sensors and control panel. This ensures that the connectivity between sensors and control panel are intact. Reset button in the front panel, resets the alarm provided water leak is removed across the sensor detection terminals (legs) and also if Test button is pressed.

The control system also provides potential free relay contacts for future purpose (Like BMS, Auto Dialer etc).

Care has been taken that only an extra low voltage (10 to 15VDC) passes between panel, water leak detectors and remote alarm. They are totally safe and fuse protected.