Monitoring of environment inside a data center/server room

With the introduction of "Critical Area Temperature Monitor"(CATM), temperature can be monitored and corrective action can be taken during a crisis.We have considerable expertise on control of air conditioning system and are well versed with the requirement of critical areas and with this background and industry feedback this product has been designed, developed and supplied to various users in IT industry. This product is currently in used in many IT companies like M/s ST Micro labs, M/s MphasiS, M/s Tata Elxsi, M/s UNISYS, M/s ACS,M/s HCL Technologies, M/s Conexant Technologies, M/s Aspect Technologies and leading institutions like Indian Institute of Science and many more.

Salient features:

  •  Micro controller based system with digital display of temperature.
  •  Automatic Changeover of running and standby systems based on time intervals
  •  Monitoring of high and low temperature conditions
  •  Switching on of stand by system in case of failure of running system
  •  Switching on of stand by system if the temperature rises above a desire set limit. Once the temperature reaches the desired limit, the standby is automatically switched off.
  •  Alerting the user if the temperature rises to dangerous level.
  •  Alarm accepting system with snooze timer function
  •  Option to use only as high temperature alarm, or low temperature alarm.
  •  Remote alarm options,
  •  Password protected field programming for set point entries
  •  Multiple level Passwords for access by different level of users
  •  Protection to the set points by way of limiting the range of setting of limits
  •  Front panel keys to enter the set points etc
  •  On line calibration of temperature with any master unit
  •  Alarm in form of audible buzzer or optional voice alert through auto dialer system (Telephone Dialer). In case of an emergency, up to four people can be alerted through a auto telephone dialer with a customized pre-recorded message.