Monitoring of Server and Data Centre environment is a key factor to business continuity. Failure of IT and telecommunications that are blood flow and nerves of a business often is the result of variation of environment in these nerve centres namely Server rooms, Data centres, Hub Rooms etc.
Hence to have a valid business continuity strategy, it is essential that Facility Managers and IT Managers keep a close tab on environmental factors like temperature, humidity, wetness inside these critical installations.
High temperatures inside server rooms, data centres shorten component life. Low temperatures are uncomfortable for operators/users. The optimum range is normally between 21 to 23 Deg Celsius. This range allows a buffer zone in case air conditioning or cooling fails. In the event of failures, server equipment will continue to work long enough outside this range for maintenance team to effect repairs or put in place alternative cooling solutions.
In large Data Centres monitoring of temperatures in different locations is important, as there may be a possibility of temperature gradient. Hence monitoring and alerting the user in case of variation at different locations ensures that the cooling solutions are properly designed and executed.
Relative Humidity levels plays key role in environment of Data Centres, Server rooms etc. Relative Humidity level that are too low can cause static. Static accumulation does not leak away easily in low humidity conditions. If humidity level is around 35 %, static discharge becomes a serious problem and the build up takes place. If it goes below 30 % the room has reached critical point.
High humidity and computer equipment does not mix well. In case of high humidity, electrical failures are possible and also corrosion of equipment starts taking place. Relative Humidity levels between 45 % and 60% are best safe for server operations.
Air conditioning system failure like drain blocks, breaking of chill water pipes causes leakage. Using wetness detectors on floors near air conditioning systems, cooling systems or flow pipes will avoid damage to the equipment.

Importance of monitoring and alert:
Poor control and monitoring of the conditions inside Data Centres, Server rooms will shorten the life of IT equipment and in extreme cases equipment fails catastrophically. This results in considerable cost in time, money and lost business continuity.
Hence environmental monitoring and timely alerts are the need of the hour. With products mentioned below, We at Thittanix Instruments offer simple but reliable solutions at cost that are negligible comparing the cost of losing business continuity.