Ductless ventilation system is the latest in applying modern technology in building management system. Hither to car parking ventilation has been done with conventional duct system. In this system a set of fresh air fans and exhaust fans are used. Through a well laid out duct the fresh air is being pumped to the car parking area and the exhaust fan sucks these air and remove it out.

Though this system is rugged and has been followed for years, it has the following drawbacks.

  •  The exhaust and fresh air fans have to be in operation through out the day resulting in energy consumption.
  •  The polluted air removal is not efficient if the duct lay out is not proper and the resulting effect is accumulation of polluted air in pockets.
  •  In case of fire, the smoke accompanied with fire cannot be extracted efficiently.
  •  The duct height (location) restricts the maximum height of basement and this restricts the movement of vehicles and only small and medium cars can be parked in such basements.

The present day requirements of users to have LMVs of their choice like SUVs, as well as that of builders to use the spaces efficiently an alternative way has to be introduced in managing the space as well as ensuring safety to the users during normal movement times and during fire accidents.

"Ductless Ventilation Systems" addresses these drawbacks and with this system installed the following advantages are derived:

  •  No use of ducts and hence space constraints especially height constraints in basement is taken care of.
  •  Efficient removal of polluted air through high performance jet fans based on detection of CO level (Carbon Monoxide) in a particular area or zone.
  •  Efficient energy consumption as these jet fans are not on continuously and only when required it is switched on.
  •  Use of CFD (Computational fluid Dynamics) for efficient removal of polluted air/smoke.

With the above system and coupled with PLC system (Programmable Logic Control) an integrated solution is achieved in which basement ventilation is made both automatic as well as energy efficient.

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