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Integrated Electronic Fire Damper Control Panel


Model No. TI-EFDC-18 XX series:

Advantages of Integrated Panel Concept are:

  • Avoids individual damper actuator panel as it is cumbersome in field wiring.
  • Common fire alarm signal can control all damper actuators.
  • Provides combined damper open/close status to BMS which is not possible in existing panels.
  • Provides AHU interlock.
  • Bypass option that makes the panel more flexible and also maintenance friendly. For example if one damper actuator feedback relay is not functioning, it can be bypassed and at the same time retaining the on/off control of that damper actuator.

Salient features of the product are:

  • Proven electronic circuitry.
  • Controls on/off function of fire damper actuators based on the external fire alarm input and temperature sensor.
  • LED display of status of fire damper (open/close) based on feedback provided by the auxiliary relay contacts in damper actuator.
  • Potential free contact for combined fire damper actuator open status to BMS.
  • Potential free relay contact to route supply to fire dampers. With this either 24V or 230V can be routed through this relay to the fire damper actuators.
  • Potential Free relay contact to link with AHU. In the event of fire, the AHU will be tripped, simultaneously with closure of fire dampers.
  • Manual reset in case of increase in temperature (detected by sensor >72 Deg C).
  • Provision to bypass damper feedback. With this feature the above models are flexible. For example if there are 5 damper actuators, model FDCU-1806 can be used and one damper feedback can be bypassed.


  • TI-EFDC-1801-L4 controls up to 4 fire damper actuators
  • TI-EFDC-1801-L6 controls up to 6 fire damper actuators
  • TI-EFDC-1801-L8 controls up to 8 fire damper actuators
  • TI-EFDC-1801-L10 controls up to 8 fire damper actuators
  • Note: Based on the Fire Damper Actuator power supply rating, suitable sources ( 230V or 24 V AC) can be provided in the panel.

BMS Integration:

As optional feature, these panels can be integrated with BMS through RS485 port through which open/close status of individual damper actuators can be tracked in BMS.

The integrated electronic fire dampers are used in many IT majors like Intel, Google, Wells Fargo etc.