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Fire Alarm Interface Module


FAIM- Fire Alarm Interface Module :

The fire alarm modules in the fire alarm loop has a relay that operates based on the fire alarm signal from a centralised system. These will be installed in a distribution network. The contacts in the relay inside these modules can handle very low voltages (12VDC to 24VDC for example).

These fire alarm modules must be hooked to the AHU control circuits to trip the AHU in case of fire. Since AHU control circuits in variable handles 240VAC, these relays in the modules fails and damaging the centralised fire alarm system.

FAIM- Fire Alarm Interface Module introduced by Thittanix Instruments addresses this problem. It utilises the relay contacts of fire alarm module and provides a set of relay contacts as mirror contacts to the ones in the external fire alarm module.

FAIM is an electronic based product and offers high quality and provides reliable and repeatable performance.

Very low voltage (12 to 15VDC) is passed to the fire alarm module contacts and in turn, two sets of high contact rating relay contacts are activated. In this one set can be used for interfacing with AHU control circuitry and the other contact can be used for controlling the fire alarm damper actuators of the AHU.These relays provide potential free contacts and can handle AC voltages up to 240VAC.

The product is presented in a DIN mounting rail. It operates on 230 VAC. The relay contacts are 3A inductive type. It can easily be mounted inside any electrical panel.

This product has status LED indications for Power ,Run & Trip.

This product is very handy for any electrical panel to trip the motor in case of fire. This product has been recognized by the HVACR industry and almost all electrical panel for air side applications like AHU, fresh air and exhaust air fan panels manufactured by Thittanix Instruments uses this product.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 230VAC+ 10 %: 50 HZ.
  • Injection Voltage to the external fire alarm module: 12 to 15 VDC./ 50mA DC current.
  • No. of Relays : Two.
  • Contacts Rating of relays : 5 A (Resistive) ; 3 A (Inductive).
  • Operating time: Initial Start up-3 Seconds: Fault Acting Time: 500msec.
  • Size : 200x125x100mm (LxWXD)
  • Mounting : DIN Rail mount/Panel Mount.
  • Weight: 500 gm.
  • IP Rating: IP 21