AUTOMATIC ELECTTRONIC CONTROLS- for AHU-Condensing Units combination

Designed supplied and commissioned a system for control of multiple condensing units connected to single AHU, based on temperature (with multi stage digital temperature controller) for comfort applications thereby achieving energy savings
The special feature is that this is simple but efficient solution and the payback period of the customer was only 15 months


Exhaust fan control based on occupancy
This product designed exclusively for hotels, resorts etc where the exhaust fan in the restroom is made to run when the user enters the rest room. For this an infrared occupancy sensor is placed in the rest room. This detects the movement of people and gives a signal to the controller to switch on the exhaust fan. The fan will be on only as long as the person is inside the rest room and when the person exits the room the fan will be allowed to run for 10 minutes (field settable) and then turned off. With this feature, energy savings in the facility will be significant. Also the fan is subjected to minimum mechanical wear and tear. This product has been designed and commissioned for M/S Blue Star dealer M/S Shrinidhi Enterprises and has been installed at a resort belonging Cafe Coffee Day in Chikmangalore, Karnataka, India


Air conditioner Control based on occupancy
This product is designed exclusively for hotel, resorts etc where the room air conditioner is designed to run only if the room door is closed. For this, a set of contact-less sensors is fixed in the door to give the opening and closing status of the door to the controller. If the door is closed only then the controller starts the air conditioner. In case the door is open for more then 10 minutes (time is field settable) then the controller switches off the conditioner. This product has been and designed and commissioner for M/S Blue Star dealer M/s Shrinidhi Enterprises and has been installed at present location Cafe Coffee day resort at Chikmangalore, Karnataka, India. With the introduction of this product energy savings achieved are significant.