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Electrical Panel



We, Thittanix Instruments have made our presence felt in the HVAC industry for over three decades. Since then it has been growing and we continue to serve the HVACR industry by providing highly quality products for its various applications

We focus mainly on manufacture of high quality panels with safety to users, meeting the requirements of interface with BMS control system and providing excellent value for money to its users.

As a part of enhancing its commitment to conform to IS standards, we have secured CPRI test certification for power distribution panels as per relevant IS standards for short circuit and temperature rise.

The following are the types of electrical panels being manufactured by us.

  • PCC Panels
  • MCC panels for chiller applications (both indoor and outdoor type)
  • Starter panels for AHU with DOL star delta starters
  • Starter panels for VFD with/without bypass starters
  • Electrical panels with soft starters for motors
  • Electrical panels for cold storage applications
  • Electrical panels for power factor corrections (capacitor Panels)
  • Electrical panels for Car park Ventilation Systems.

Electrical Panel with PLC controls for Car Park Ventilation System

We are pioneers in control systems for ductless (car park) ventilation system. This is a new technology in ventilation systems. We have designed, supplied and commissioned systems for various customers with different manufacturers of such ventilation products (Dual speed jet fans, Extract Fans etc.).

We have used PLC systems from reputed manufacturers for control of ventilation systems and also designed and supplied our own micro controller based systems. We have designed this PLC system with our own ingenious engineering skills and experience in HVACR applications.

A Major Milestone:

Thittanix Instruments has successfully commissioned Car Park Ventilation System at Sattva Parcel-4 at Hyderabad. The entire electrical and PLC controls system is supplied to M/s VK Building Systems.

In this project there are four basements, 10 shafts,600 motorized dampers,300+jet fans, 54 exhaust fans, 60 fresh air fans, (both with VFD controls), 125 CO sensors and Schneider PLC controls with Master Slave Controls. The master Controls over 24 slave PLCS in this project.

This has been commissioned successfully.

There are similar panels supplied for various projects and commissioned successfully.