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Custom Designed Control Panels


Custom Designed Control Panels:

HVAC industry provides lot of opportunities to design custom built products for its various applications.

Thittanix Instruments is providing custom designed solutions for HVAC applications. These solutions are provided with its own products or with standalone DDC controllers, PLC systems etc. The applications of these solutions covers almost all branches of HVAC.

a) Custom Designed Control Panels for AHU applications:

With this custom built panel control of fan, chilled water valve and hot water valve / heater banks. This has been primarily designed for pharma applications. Here the control is achieved through Siemens standalone (non-networkable) controller.

Some of the features offered are as follows:
  • 1.  AHU Fan speed control through VFD. In this the AHU fan speed control is done with PID control and thee controlling is done through velocity sensor installed in the supply duct. With this provision if the filter starts choking, the fan is made to run with more speed to achieve the necessary CFM. If there is no air flow (due to motor failure or belt cut), an alarm can be generated through VFD and the user can be alerted.
    Similarly if the VFD trips on any fault, an alarm can be generated through built in relay and this can provide a potential free contact that can be hooked to the BMS system or anunciation panel or both.
  • 2.  Temperature and Humidity control is achieved with feedback from temperature and humidity sensor and through control of chill water valve and hot water valve and if there is no hot water valve, it can control the heaters through thyristor control. With this the temperature and humidity are controlled smoothly and efficiently

    This custom built product has been designed and installed for M/s Microlabs Hosur : Tamil Nadu and more than 100 AHUs are controlled through this custom built product.

b) Custom Built panel for control of EC Fans with PLC controls.

This panel controls the speed of EC fans with feedback from differential pressure sensors (DP sensors) installed in the duct and based on the differential value proportional control of EC fan speed is achieved.

c) Custom Built panel for control of Cooling Tower Fans with VFD control.

With this panel, the cooling tower fan speed is controlled based on the differential temperature of supply water temperature to the Cooling Towers and sump water temperature. With this, the VFD for each cooling tower fan can be controlled and optimum performance can be achieved.

d) Custom built panel for control of AHU, DX condensing units, heaters, humidifier.

This is a PLC based control system through which the AHU is controlled through VFD, the condensing units (multiple condensing units) are controlled based on feedback from return air temperature sensor, heaters and humidifier are controlled based on feedback from return air humidity sensor. The heaters are controlled through thyristor for smooth control and humidifier is through on/off control.