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Data Loggers


Data Loggers

Thittanix Instruments is offering data loggers for continuous monitoring of different parameters associated with any HVAC type environment. With this data logger, parameters like temperature, humidity, differential pressure etc. can be monitored on line , can be tabulated and can be stored in a computer.

Thittanix is offering two types of data loggers and the details are as follows:

Data Logger based on “Lab View” software. With this data logger, the data is being fetched through RS 485 port of each device/controller and can be logged . The logging time interval can be anywhere from 5 seconds to few hours.

The data that is fetched by this data logger can be stored in excel format in a computer system

The different devices with Rs 485 port with Modbus protocol can be connected in as single loop and can be brought to the data logger.

Thittanix Instruments is offering seven segment LED display with RS 485 port for parameters like temperature, humidity etc. and with these displays and data logger, the parameters can be tracked on line. The necessary data logger software shall be loaded in the computer system and the parameters can be monitored.

Thittanix Instruments also offers a product:

Critical Locations Environment Monitoring System” –CEMS

The following are the salient features of this data logger.

This data logger is a PLC based system and up to 24 different parameters like analog values, digital on/off status can be tracked with this data logger.

This data logger logs the value/status of different parameters and sends the data through Ethernet port via MSTP server to E Mail recipients. The E Mail recipients can be configured and up to 20 mail recipients can be programmed in this system.

An important feature of this data logger is that for each parameter a set threshold can be set and whenever the particular parameter crosses the set threshold, an E-Mail alert can be sent indicating the status along with actual values.

Apart from this, even parameters like energy consumption etc. can be monitored by simply connecting this data logger to an energy meter through its RS 485 port and different parameters can be tracked on line.

With CEMS, the combination of tracking, alerting parameters are endless and is a versatile product for data centre applications, testing labs, pharma industries etc.