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Critical Area Temperature Monitor (CATM)


Critical Area Temperature Monitor (CATM):


CATM – Critical Area Temperature Monitor a product which acts as a reliable companion in monitoring of temperature in the critical area of IT installations like server rooms, UPS rooms, Data Centers, Hub Rooms etc.

By installing this product not only monitoring of temperature is ensured within limits but also gives alert to the IT professional and maintenance staff in the form of an audio visual alarm (and other alert alerts like SMS alert can be given). This ensures that the servers/switches in the critical areas do not malfunction on account of increase in temperature (Thermal melt down condition) and preventive action can be taken in time in case of an alert.

This is a unique product with multiple features.

The Features Are:
  • Micro controller based system with display of temperature.
  • Monitoring of high and low temperature conditions.
  • Alerting the user if the temperature rises to dangerous level.
  • Alarm accepting system with snooze function.
  • Option to use only as high temperature alarm, or low temperature.
  • Remote alarm options.
  • Password protected programming.
  • Multiple level passwords for access by different level of users.
  • Protection to the system by way of limiting the range of setting of limits.
  • Front panel keys to enter the set points etc.
  • Calibration of temperature through front panel key-board.

This product is extensively used in Auto Sequential Panels manufactured by Thittanix Instruments through which AC machines also can be controlled. (Please refer this “Auto Sequential Panels”).

CATM is a highly reliable product and many IT companies use this product pan India.

Technical Specifications of Critical Area Temperature Monitor:

General specifications:
  • Operating Voltage: 230VAC+10%.
  • Temperature range: 0-50 Deg C.
  • Temperature Sensor: RTD Type ( Pt 100).
  • Temperature Sensor accuracy: +1 Deg C.
  • Display of Temperature: Seven Segment LED Display.
  • Resolution: 0.1 Deg C.
  • Enclosure Type: CRCA sheet enclosure with powder coat ( Glossy Type).
  • Enclosure Mounting: Wall Mounting.
  • Protection to the system by way of limiting the range of setting of limits.
  • Enclosure Protection: IP 21.
  • Dimensions: 300X175X80mm( HXWXD).
Alert Details:
  • High Temperature Alarm-Programmable.
  • Low Temperature Alarm-Programmable.
  • Alarm Type: Audio Alarm ( Piezo type Buzzer)-Default feature
  • Alarm Accept Feature: Provided through Remote Alarm Stationdefault feature)
  • Snooze Time for Alarm: Provided.
Front Panel Controls:
  • Front Panel keys to set the programme like limit, timing etc.
Optional Features Provided:
  • Provision to control AC Units (Maximum four ACs can be controlled).
  • Provision to link to SMS alert.
  • Provision to link to BMS for alarm status through hard point.

Critical Area Temperature Monitor (CATM) Model No. TI-CATM-BM-181 has only one temperature sensor.

CATM with multiple temperature sensors are also available. Up to 4 sensors can be connected in CATM Model No. TI-CATM-BM-184.

The Salient Features are:

  • Micro controller based circuitry.
  • Displays the four temperatures in cyclic manner.
  • Only High Temperature alarm is available.
  • Alarm set point for individual sensor can be set. This makes this product very versatile.
  • Common audio alert. In case of alert from one sensor, the corresponding LED will glow and the LED display stops at that sensor position till temperature falls below the alarm set value.
  • Alarm and Snooze function.

Application of this product: This product can be used in large server rooms, data centres or in multiple rooms (maximum four rooms with one sensor each).

Multistage Digital Thermostat-Model No:TI-CATM-DTC-181:

Critical Area Temperature Monitor can also be used as Multistage Digital Thermostat. With this , five stages of temperature control is possible. Each stage is independent of other. For each stage temperature set point along with hysteresis can be set.

This product can be used in application like AHU with DX coils where multiple condensing units are used. Up to five condensing units can be controlled and for each condensing unit one stage can be used and they are independent of each other.

This type of applications are extensively used by Thittanix Instruments for different projects and are well accepted by customers.

In this product one sensor is used and there are no alarm function in this.