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Critical Area Humidity Monitor


Critical Area Humidity Monitor - Model No. TI-CAHM-BM-181:


This product monitors humidity level in a critical environment and has the same features as that of Critical Area Temperature Monitor.

The Salient Features of this product are:

  • Micro controller based system with display of humidity.
  • Monitoring of high and low humidity conditions.
  • Alerting the user if the humidity rises to dangerous low and high level.
  • Alarm accepting system with snooze function.
  • Remote alarm options.
  • Password protected programming.
  • Multiple level pass-words for access by different level of users.
  • Protection to the system by way of limiting the range of setting of limits.
  • Front panel keys to enter the set points etc.
  • Calibration of humidity through front panel key- board.

CAHM is a highly reliable product and many IT companies use this product pan India.

Technical Specifications of Critical Area Humidity Monitor:

General specifications:
  • Operating Voltage: 230VAC+10%.
  • Humidity range: 0-100%.
  • Humidity Sensor: Any standard make sensor with 0-10VDC output.
  • Humidity Sensor accuracy: +5 % (Depending upon the model of the supplier).
  • Display of Humidity: Seven Segment LED Display.
  • Resolution: 1% RH.
  • Enclosure Mounting: Wall Mounting.
  • Enclosure Protection: IP 21.
  • Dimensions: 300X175X80mm( HXWXD).

As a by-product of this Humidity monitor , Thittanix Instruments offers

Multistage Digital Humidistat-Model No:TI-CAHM-DHC-181:

Critical Area Humidity Monitor can also be used as Multistage Digital Humidistat. With this , five stages of heaters/humidifiers control is possible. Each stage is independent of other. For each stage humidity set point along with hysteresis can be set.

This product can be used in application like AHU with heater banks and humidifier with single humidity sensor. In this three stages can be used for heater control ( Heater on/off) and two stages can be used for Humidifier On/Off.

This type of applications are extensively used by Thittanix Instruments for different projects and are well accepted by customers.

In this product one sensor is used and there are no alarm function is provided.