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Auto Sequential Panel


Auto Sequential Panel- Model No.TI-ASP-1801 to TI-ASP-1804

Auto Sequential Panel is a solution that uses the Critical Area Temperature Monitor as the basic control unit and is used to control the air conditioning units that are used for controlling the temperature inside critical area like server rooms, hub rooms, battery room, data centres in an IT installation.

Critical Area Temperature Monitor has built in features like controlling the AC machines in a cyclic / sequential manner so that at any given point of time, only the designated AC machine will work and other AC machine will work as standby. The sequential control ensures that the no single AC machine is working continuously and shall be given adequate rest. This feature is highly useful in IT applications like server rooms, Hub rooms, data centers etc. as these facilities always specifies working and standby configuration for AC machines.

Auto Sequential Panel is a combination of microcontroller based system with electrical switch gear that makes it a ready to use reliable product.

The microcontroller module has multiple features and they are:

  • Option to select one working, one standby, two working one standby and three working and one standby combinations
  • Automatic Changeover of running and standby systems based on time intervals.
  • Monitoring of high / low temperature conditions.
  • Switching on of standby system in case of failure of running system.
  • Switching on of standby system if the temperature rises above a desired set limit.
  • Alerting the user if the temperature rises to dangerous level.
  • Alarm accepting system with snooze function.
  • Option to use only as high temperature alarm, or low temperature alarm .
  • Audio alarm (supports remote alarm like SMS).
  • Password protected programming.
  • Multiple level pass- words for access by different level of users.
  • Protection to the system by way of limiting the range of setting of limits.
  • Front panel keys to enter the set points etc.
  • Calibration of temperature through front panel key- board.
  • Integration with external fire alarm system.

Optional features are:

  • SMS alert.
  • Isolation damper control.
  • RS 485 port with Mod bus RTU for BMS integration..
  • On/off of individual AC units from BMS.
  • Custom built software for real time tracking of temperature and status of air conditioning system and common alarm.

Auto Sequential Panel Model Details:

  • Model No. TI- ASP-1801 - For Control of two machines with one working, one standby operation.
  • Model No. TI- ASP-1802 - For Control of three machines with two working, one standby operation.
  • Model No. TI- ASP-1803 - For Control of four machines with three working, one standby operation.

The special feature of Auto Sequential Panel is that it acts like a master control and does not interfere with the functioning of compressor or CHW. Valves or any other controls. This feature is so unique that it works irrespective of tonnage of AC or type of Ac.

Auto Sequential Panel can control DX machines, Chw. Controlled machines and VRF/VRV machines. In Case of VRF/VRV machines it provides potential free contacts that can be hooked to the control section of VRF/VRV in door machine.

With Auto Sequential Panel, wide variety of applications can be done. The following configurations are possible with Auto Sequential Panel.

a) For Control of IDUs of any type of AC machine.
b) For Control of motorized volume control dampers (MVCD) associated with ductable machines. In this, the MVCD is opened first followed by the command for the IDU on/off after set time delay.

Auto Sequential Panels has RS 485 port (Optional) through which all status and temperature can be tracked in BMS through Modbus RTU protocol.

The alert feature of Auto sequential Panel is audio alert with snooze facility and optional alert like SMS alert can be provided through which alert can be sent to selected mobile numbers.

Auto Sequential Panel from Thittanix Instruments is so versatile, reliable and user friendly that more than 100 users like all big IT majors like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Mphasis, cognizant, JPM C, Amazon, Google, Intel etc. are using this product and are in continuous use for years and are using this products in their expansion activities.