1. For package units and central plants

Automatic electronic control is exclusively designed for control of package units and central plans. It has been built on high performance electronic circuitry. This ensures that the product is highly reliable with least number of failures. This is a proven product from us and has been currently in use in over 500 package units and central plant installations. This product provides safety to compressors, associated electrical switchgear and easy to operate for many years.

Salient features:

  •  Totally automatic
  •  Protection from low high voltages
  •  Protection from single phasing
  •  Electronic overload protection for compressor (in single package unit application)
  •  Auto/manual option
  •  Protection to compressor in both auto and manual mode
  •  One switch operation
  •  Built in digital temperature controller (available in select models)
  •  LED display for running and fault status
  •  Different version based on package unit configuration.
  •  Modular design ensures that the product can be serviced with least down time

2. For Chiller package units for low temperature applications

MICROMAN1802 is a dedicated micro controller based product designed to control screw chiller package unit. It has been designed as a part of the electrical panel with both switchgear as well as controller assembled in a single enclosure. This panel is an integral part of the complete chiller package.

MICROMAN1802 is based on latest family of micro controller, which is versatile and highly reliable. The components are chosen such a way that their availability over a period of time is well established. MICROMAN1802 has user-friendly controls with LED display and Keypad. The entire design of control panel is based on our strong conviction and time proven concept of keeping it simple and superior.

Salient features:

  •  Based on latest micro controller
  •  Designed to control the chiller package automatically
  •  Control of loading and unloading based on chill water temperature and also on discharge pressure
  •  Input from temperature sensor (RTD) and suction and discharge pressure sensors
  •  Field programmable set points
  •  Protection to mechanical system design with the help of programming the extreme set points for each stage of operation to prevent misuse of system
  •  Password protected programming stages
  •  Entire system, programming is simple but very efficient.
  •  This product has been designed for low temperature application of (-10Deg, C and -20deg.C)
  •  Suitable for any screw compressor with similar application